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The Mouse Piper

Game Info



Genre: 2D Puzzle-Action Platformer

Duration: 1 Month

Tool: Construct 2

​Platform: PC

Team Size: 7


Game Designer

Level Designer

  • Bubble Mechanic design.

  • Level Design for enemy puzzles, positioning.

  • Level Design with Paper Prototypes and Visio.

  • Created levels in Construct 2.

  • Carried out playtests and evaluated feedback to improve the game.

Game Description

You control the Mouse Piper in a puzzle/action platformer where you have the ability to create/use different kinds of bubbles. The objective is to use the different properties of these bubbles as well as the darts at your disposal to clear enemies and navigate through the level.

The piper can trap enemies within bubbles, which results in them floating into the air. The Piper can then fire darts to pop bubbles prematurely in order achieve various objectives such destroying barriers, defeating multiple enemies etc.


He can also make another type of bubble which can be used as a temporary platform to make it possible to traverse through the difficult terrain in the levels.


The Mouse Piper was a student project I created along with 6 colleagues as part of the Imagine Cup development competition. The project was well received and we enjoyed high marks from our mentors for the game.


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