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Unreal Engine 4

Top Down 3D Shooter

Project Info


Type: Single Player Custom Level/Map

Tool: Unreal Engine 4

Duration: 1 month

Features: Increasingly difficult Wave based hordes of aliens attacking the player.

Health packs to offset health loss respawn over time.

The player has easy, responsive movement with the help of WASD and aiming on the mouse.


Game Designer, Scripter

  • Created Blueprint scripts for every working part in the map, from enemy spawns, item pickups, game events, player and enemy blueprints, wave based difficulty system, animation blueprints and more.

  • Created the level with modules and props along with spawn locations with randomized spawn times to create appropriate level of challenge for the player.

  • Tuned enemy health, attack damage, attack and movement speed, player movement speed and variables like weapon fire date/damage etc.

Project Description

As a fan of sci-fi and aliens, this was a fun way to learn and exercise my skills with the Unreal engine. I enjoyed making the player and aliens come to life by taking advantage of efficient and easy to use tools available at my disposal thanks to the power of UE4.

This is a simple showcase of a variety of blueprints and UE4 systems running together to showcase each of the mechanics and features I have built to build this project.


I started my unreal journey by simply watching some tutorials. As I went, I started making small and simple protoypes myself. This project brings together a lot of new things that I learned as well as an opportunity to explore and reinforce what I've already done before and create something to connect it to fully form a game.

First up, was the setup of the base level, following which I created the player blueprint and each of its functions, from movement and inputs, to shooting, animating the character mesh with blendspace and then using a statemachine to nicely transition between the animations and events such as Player death. Next, I focused on the aliens, going about their scripting in a similar manner to the player, following which I created logic and scripted the gameplay systems like increasing difficulty with consecutive waves, alien spawn points and item pickups.

Finally, I finished by using UMG to showcase the HUD and sound effects for better immersion. Throughout the process, I played the map multiple times to test it and ensure that everything worked as it was supposed to.


In-Engine Gameplay


Project in Play
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