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Aqua Rescue

Game Info


Company: Codewalla
Genre: Match-3 with a twist

Duration: 3 Months

Tool: MS Word, MS Excel, Tresensa Game Engine

Platform: Mobile, Browser


Game Designer

Level Designer

  • Created initial Concept.

  • Created Game Mechanics: Core match mechanic, combos, tile generation, powerups.

  • Level Design, Pacing and Difficulty balancing.

  • Carried out playtests and evaluated feedback to improve the game.

  • Worked with Artists and Devs to improve development flow.

  • Worked with QA to find bugs and balancing issues.

Game Description

Aqua Rescue is  a Match-3 game with a twist. The objective of the game is to clear the garbage in the level and save the fish in a limited number of moves. A fish can escape when the column of blocks above has been completely cleared.


This is achieved by clearing 4 or more blocks of similar type by tapping on them. The player can also accrue a large number of points by continuously clearing 4 or more blocks of garbage at a time, which in turn provide an incremental combo multiplier, to a max of x5.


Thus the goal is not to simply make matches, but instead find the biggest ones one after another to clear as much space as possible.


Aqua Rescue was a game I worked on for Codewalla Studios during my time as an intern. It was developed in their Tresensa engine.
I led the team from the beginning Concept stage all the way through game & level design to testing and eventually release.


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