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FarmVille 2

Game Info


Company: Zynga

Genre: Social Farming Simulation Game

Duration: January 2015-March 2017

Tool: MS Word, MS Excel, Zynga editor and propietary tools

Platform: Facebook


Game Designer

Narrative Designer

  • Created over 40 Weekly Features and 60+ Story Quests

  • Created a new Feature Mechanic which raised completion rates by 110% and is consistenly one of the best performing features on the game.

  • Designed Game Optimizations to improve gameplay and player experience.

  • Worked with Devs and Artists on the entire production cycle.

  • Worked with Product Managers to design and develop monetization strategies and tasks for game features.

Game Description

Create, build and nourish the farm of your dreams in FarmVille 2. You’ll interact with a variety of interesting characters, grow and unlock special crops, take care of animals, and make your farm come alive. Trade with neighbors, contribute to your friends' farms, and join a Co-op to work with farmers you can count on to complete a shared Order Board and progress on the Co-op Delivery Map for huge rewards!


I have worked with several very experienced people on this team, and it has provided me with an enormous amount of experience as a designer.

Every time I work on a new feature, it is a new challenge to create the best from what has already been created. Working on such a massive game played by millions is a different experience altogether from making a game from scratch, and I know I'm better off because of it.


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