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Gold Rush

Project Info


Type: 2 Player Strategy Board Game

Duration: 2010-2011

Tool: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pencil 'n Paper

Team Size: 2
Honors: Highest Grade and Jury Disctinction



Game Designer

  • Board Design

  • Hero Character design

  • Card Mechanic

  • Game Rules

Project Description

The game is played between 2 players. Cards are drawn at the beginning, which designate the player's 'Character'.
Each Character has different pros and cons, from greater movement to resistance from attacks.
Each player uses their character tokens to move across the game board, with the objective of acquiring 30 gold and making it out before being caught by the other player.
To avoid relying on a luck factor, we chose to use a turn based system instead of dice, with each player getting to move their character 6 spaces every turn.
Players can also acquire certain Tools (cards) which can be defensive or offensive in nature when standing next to mine carts. These can be used to help your characters acquire gold faster or perhaps prevent another player from doing the same.



 This was a long project that I worked on with a friend from 2010-2011. The game was very well received by the Jury and we achieved the highest complements and points for the game among all the boardgames presented.


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