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The BIGgening - UE4 Game Jam Project

Project Info


Name: The BIGgening

Type: Single Player

Tool: Unreal Engine 4

Duration: 2 days

Team: 2

Features: Platforming with size increase mechanics and constant environmental growth



Game Designer, Level Designer

  • Created a simple 10 minute game based on the game jam theme

  • Designed the mechanic of increasing scale on a platformer along with designing the levels themselves.

  • Created the level with platforms and elements all created using UE4 3d creation tools.

Project Description

This take on the theme 'That escalated quickly!' was made for the 2018 Unreal Engine 4 Summer Jam. I worked on the project with a friend with both of us using Perforce for source control and speeding up the development.


The game features you as a bear that starts off in a kid's crib, but is then affected by strange growth, which seems to impact everything around you. Through each level, you must grow in size in order to be able to effectively progress through each location. In certain sections, you face enemies that you can only deal with by pushing away, as long as you're bigger than them.

First, we brainstormed the theme and threw around several ideas based on the theme, finally deciding on this almost literal extrapolation of the concept. We made some mood boards with reference images created on paint and noted down how the game would work and play as a whole before getting down to creating using UE4.

I used blueprints to script mechanics and game behaviors for the growth mechanic and additionally designed the level objects and environments, using UE4 3d creation and manipulation tools.

We certainly plan to finish it and make a more expanded experience down the road, especially since the making of this was enjoyable for both of us and resulted in a lot of new learnings with design and the engine itself.


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