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Game Info


Company: Zynga

Genre: Casual Invest and Express Fantasy Game

Duration: June 2014-January 2015

Tool: MS Word, MS Excel, Zynga editor and propietary tools

Platform: Facebook


Game Designer

Narrative Designer

  • Systems design, balancing economy and resources to deliver player friendly content.

  • Designed a new Boss Mechanic to conclude the massive Agonia expansion for the game.

  • Narrative Design, Dialogue writing for narrative arcs and quests for the entire game of CastleVille.

  • Creating New Characters : Back stories and objectives, voice, relationships, look and feel.

  • Event Design for seasonal and holiday events for the game.

  • Weekly and special quest design on 50+ quests, with 2 quests released each week.

  • Virality and community interaction.

  • Worked with developers to improve company tools to better create and deliver content.

  • Later took on a leadership role, and guided the team through major content releases through to the finale of the game and its closure.

Game Description

Set in a medieval world, the game allows players to build up their land with castles and buildings, craft armor, art and trade items and customize the player's character. The evil Wizard Faugrimm has trapped heroes and allies in a miasma called the Gloom.


The objective is to explore this unknown land around the starting territory and expand the player's kingdom into it. Form friendships with a varied cast of characters, find and raise fantastic creatures and immerse yourself in a world full of wonder.


I've been in love with Creative Writing and this was my first chance to exercise this professionally and challenge myself in the real world to do what I loved.


I was placed on the CastleVille team shortly after I joined Zynga based on my apptitude for Writing and Game Design keeping in mind the consistency and quality required for the game's mechanics and narrative goals.


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