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Game Info


Genre: Open-Ended Puzzle Game

Duration: 2013-2014

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC

Team Size: 8

Honors: 2nd Highest rated game project with distinction from Jury members.


Game Designer

Level Designer

Sound Designer

  • Designed trap and life cycle mechanics.

  • Level Design with Paper Prototypes.

  • Drafted Playtest questionnaires and evaluated results for game optimization.

Game Description

Play as the Death God's apprentice as you follow the lives of criminals and lay traps for them. Execute traps and actions at the right time to create a sequence of chain reactions just like a certain horror/thriller franchise in order to kill them!


Find and make use of everyday items and learn the subject's life cycle to make their 'accident' look as inconspicuous as possible.


This game was my final year project at Rubika Supinfogame. I worked on the overall design of the game, from its trap creation and life cycle mechanics to the level design and finally the sound design we implemented in the project.

It was met with unanimous acclaim and praise from the Jury for its interesting mechanics, art style and humor.



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