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Vicewind Ale

Project Info


Type: Single Player mod

Game: Warcraft III
Duration: 1 Day

Tool: Warcraft III Editor

Map file available on request




Level Designer

  • Initial Layout and paths on Paper.

  • Enemy Placement and composition.

  • Level Creation in Warcraft III editor.

  • Level Beautification in the editor.

  • Ability changes and tuning in the editor.

Project Description

This is a single player map I created using the Warcraft III Editor. This was done in a day as an assignment.
You play as the Mountain King melee hero returning from his journey and must find a way through the destruction that the enemies have wrought as they lay waste to your lands.


There are different types of enemies placed in various group combinations. Each of them come with a range of abilities to hinder your progress, requiring you to be careful about your tactics. There a number of items that can be acquired as rewards placed all around the map to help you along the way.

I also spread some healing wells around the map to act as checkpoints.

It is a challenging map, with a mini-boss fight halfway through and a final boss fight at the end.


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