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Fiery Depths

Project Info


Type: Multiplayer Mod

Game: Dungeon Defenders
Duration: 2 weeks

Tool: UDK

Platform: PC

Team Size: 6



Lead Level Designer

  • Level Design Paper Prototype

  • Level Design on UDK

  • Enemy placement, numbers, types

  • Balancing and Tuning

Project Description

This was a level created in Dungeon Defenders in a span of two weeks. I worked on the team as the Lead Level Designer, creating the level design, layouts and enemy wave details.
This map is a challenging mid-to-high difficulty map for 4 players.

We wanted a sense of pressure, with enemies approaching from all sides, as the player would be able to see all of them. The objective they needed to defend, the crystal, was in the center and lowest part of the level. Therefore, it would be a challenge to defeat incoming enemies as they would many time have height advantage and also be able to flank the players.




This was a great learning experience for me and now, I would do things a little differently. I would change the possible paths the enemies can traverse, in turn changing the level layout. I'd also play with the elevation, control enemy spawns and composition to ensure that the players would face an intense challenge without feeling completely overwhelmed.


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