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Game Info


Type: Open-Ended Story Creation Play Object
Duration: 2011-2012

Tool: Photoshop, Illustrator, Pen, Paper, Cardboard

Honors: 1st Place along with Jury Distinction.


Game Designer

  • Created Concept.

  • Designed tiles.

  • Join seemingly unrelated tiles to create your own story.

  • Once complete, turn it around and voila! You have another story to discover.

  • Several more stories to tell when you look at it from a different angle.

Game Description

The objective is to piece together different shaped pieces of the same color and create a story out of them.


There is no specific rule that states how you are to do this, except for the fact that you must not leave any gaps in between shapes.

This game plays on Interpretation and how each person can envision or understand the same thing in an entirely different manner.  You give meaning to the story, going from left to right, making up your version of what each of the pictures mean.


Shapestory was a Iong project that I created over the course of 2011-2012.

I wanted to give a sense of the creative potential of the stories with the dual nature of the red/blue colors and different pictures on either side of the pieces.

It was very well received by the Jury and I achieved the highest complements and points for the play object from the jury among all the play objects presented.


The Meandering Mind

Twine 2 - Interactive Story

Gamebook - Changing the Future

A Gamebook based on the Jeremiah TV series with multiple choices, consequences and endings.

Shapestory - Play Object

Open-Ended Story Creation Play Object

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