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Dark Fire

Project Info


Type: Action RPG

Duration: 7 days

Engine: RPG Maker

Platform: PC

Team Size: 3




Lead Game Designer

Level Designer

World Design

Character Creation

Story and Dialogue

  • Initial Concept

  • 2-character system

  • Level Design - Map Creation

  • Level Beautification

  • Narrative and World development

Project Description

Dark Fire was a 7 day challenge that I created with 2 colleagues. This was an RPG made on the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.
We were given the constraint of making it an Action RPG. Therefore, the action takes place on screen in real time and there are no turn based battles.

We chose to have a two character system, wherein the player would be able to switch between the active character.


This project was the first time I was able to work on an RPG in a professional fashion, even though it was simply an assignment. Given my love of RPGs, I enjoyed designing and creating it immensely. I specifically focused on the Snow, Poison and Lava maps, along with designing the world, characters and narrative.

The project was very well received by our mentors, getting us an A grade for the project.


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