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Doom (2016) Campaign Map

Project Info


Name: Straight Outta Hell!

Type: Single Player Custom Campaign Level/Map

Tool: Doom Snapmap on PC, Playable on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Duration: 1 Month

Features: 20-30 minutes long, Custom Story, Custom Mechanics, Custom Boss fight with phases, Challenges and Hidden items

Play my level, Snapmap ID: 59DJCGJH
Simply put this code into the search while playing Doom (2016) in Snapmap Mode.

Download 1 Pager:

Download Design Doc:

Additional/Similar docs, concept maps etc. available on request.


Game Designer, Level Designer

  • Created 20-30 minute long custom campaign map.

  • Created logic for every working part in the map, from encounters, item drops, to interactive objects, effects and events.

  • Designed new mechanics for the player to experience throughout the map.

  • Created the level with modules and props along with custom demon encounters and original loot drops which tied into the new mechanics.

  • Performed tuning for proper pacing and balancing of each area and the various enemies in the map.

Project Description

A good single player campaign always puts a smile on my face and leaves me hungry for more. I very much enjoyed the new Doom's brilliantly designed and paced campaign. I had not expected to get so deeply involved with the game before I started playing.


When I reached the end, I knew I had to make my own Doom map. I wanted to explore what would potentially happen after the end of the campaign, with whatever tools I had to work with and I think this map works as a great start.


In the beginning, I worked through the Snapmap tutorials and challenges, following which I started going through the available modules and assets I could work with. Once I was acquainted with the toolset, I made a simple layout on my notepad, detailing how I wanted my experience to be. I also took into consideration the weapons available to the player and enemy encounters while designing this to ensure smooth pacing.

After this, I started the level with just the barebones modules, followed by my new mechanics and their logic systems. Next, I placed and balanced the encounters room by room taking into consideration health, armor and the order of the encounters themselves. Then, it was time to apply the props and effects.

Finally, I finished with the text and sound effects. Throughout the process, I played the map multiple times to test it and ensure that everything worked as it was supposed to. Without this, it could not have become the fun map it is today!


Level Intro with exposition, Bonus objectives and Hell energy mechanic

Boss Fight with multiple phases


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