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Level Design - 2D Platformer

Project Info


Type: Level Design

Game: 2D Platformer with reversable gravity.
Duration: 1 day

Tool: Visio




Level Designer

  • Tutorial through only level elements and player intuition

  • Isolated learning with areas to learn and practice before being challenged

  • Level Design Paper Prototype to Visio.

Project Description

This is a basic level design and layout I made for a 2D platformer with a reversed gravity mechanic.

It is intended for an early/tutorial level wherein the player goes through several instances intended to teach him how the game works with minimal explanation and a focus on making it feel intuitive to learn and master with practice.


I realized I quite enjoyed Level Design working on this and the experience fed into my approach with many other levels I later designed both for Platformers as well as other kinds of games.


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