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Disney Mirrorverse

Trailer & Gameplay

Mirrorverse Game Trailer

Game Info


Name: Disney Mirrorverse

Type: Single Player, Character Collection & Team Based Action RPG

Duration: March 2019-August 2020

Tool: Google Docs Suite, Unity, Kabam propietary tools

Platform: iOS, Android

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Game Designer, Quest Designer

Responsible for the whole of Act 1 and a major component of Act 2 content along with design for several other aspects of the game:

  • Using intentional thinking in creation of designs and mechanics to find the best solution for design challenges and company goals

  • Level and Map design

  • Strategic encounter design

  • Economy design

  • Was responsible for multiple complex pieces of content at a time such as ongoing events and content generation.

  • Difficulty tuning and balance

  • Narrative and dialogue for quests

  • Executed on quest vision and aligned with the Senior and Lead designers on economic and KPI goals as well

  • Implemented data driven improvements, shared data across the design team and frequently was in touch with the player community through the official discord as well.

Game Description

Collect your favorite disney characters, now transformed in entirely different, unique and surprising ways. Create the perfect party of 3 to tackle a wide variety of challenges across the magical, dangerous world of the Mirrorverse. Find out what would have happened if each of your favorite disney stories had gone just a little differently. How would your heroes and villains have turned out? 

Journey through the Mirrorverse, discover unique locations and your favorite Disney worlds and characters interacting with each other in wondrous ways, engage in a tactical, fast paced yet intuitive combat system that has you on toes through each fight.

Join Alliances and work together with your friends to reach new heights, and compete with others in a bid to win big prizes in the wonderful world of Disney Mirrorverse!


It was an incredible experience working with talented people who enjoy RPGs just as much as me on a AAA quality game. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about both Game design as well as producing a large, high budget, big IP game such as this, through the whole production cycle, from the concept stage through to release.

Key aspects of development were having a vision of the Quest structure of the game, how it's Acts, narrative and encounters would be laid out and designed. There was a focus on overall content pacing, intent behind each encounter choice, player facing challenges and new mechanics or features being introduced with each piece of content. This in turn meant Isolated learning to get the right ideas and knowledge of how to play the game effectively to the player was an integral point of what I was focused on delivering.


Overall, I had the opportunity to be in constant contact and work with all the other teams from Art, to Animation and Programming and bring my visions and ideas to life through constant communication and managing design, time and budget constraints along with company and team goals with the Senior and Lead Designers.


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