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Changing the Future

Game Info


Genre: Gamebook

Duration: 2 Months

Tool: Dreampath Composer

Platform: PC


Game Designer

Narrative Designer

  • Created initial Concept.

  • Created Game Mechanics: Stats, Item system, conversation system.

  • 17,000+ words.

  • 4 unique Endings.

  • Multiple ways to esolve a problem or encounter.

  • Hidden secrets.

Game Description

Changing the Future is a gamebook based on the Jeremiah TV Series. It is made as an alternate version of the story.

There are various points where the player is provided with certain unique options if he holds certain items or has spoken to other people and acquired information.

Of course, if the player makes a series of bad choices, it will lead him to the Bad End, and he must resume from a checkpoint or restart the game if he so chooses.



The gamebook is intended to be an interactive experience with a number of choices given to the player so as to allow him to approach the problems he encounters the way he wants to with the potentially Multiple endings to obtain depending on his actions throughout the game.
To achieve this, I wrote down a clear plotline, before outlining all the possible choices in Visio. This helped me get a clear picture of how I would create the story and game.
I then prepared and set up all the variables that the player would intereact with, such as any items he found, people and decisions he made. Finally, I wrote the story scene by scene, taking into consideration all the potential choices and branches offered to the player all the way to the end.


Changing the Future1
Changing the Future2
Changing the Future3
Changing the Future4
Changing the Future5
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A Gamebook based on the Jeremiah TV series with multiple choices, consequences and endings.

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