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Portal 2

Project Info


Type: Portal 2 Maps/Levels

Tool: Portal 2 Level Editor

Platform: PC

Play my levels here: My Portal 2 Levels


Level Designer

  • Created 10+ levels.

  • Designed levels with multiple components, game mechanics and possible solutions.

  • Use of isolated learning to reinforce mechanics or puzzle elements to teach the players and remind them of important puzzle elements to help solve the puzzle.

Project Description

I absolutely love making interesting scenarios and setpieces. With Portal 2's puzzles, I found a new of expressing myself and creating fun challenges for the players. I love the 'Aha!' moment when you realize or discover the solution to a puzzle and I endeavor to continuously try out new and interesting methods of challenging the player with each new puzzle I make.


I started off with a simple puzzle to get aquainted with the editor, with the simple goal of using a switch to open a door using Portals and cubes. After getting comfortable with the toolset, I proceeded to make levels with each main element of the game puzzles one by one.


Following this I started combining elements to come up with multipart puzzles and soon after started using multiple methods and approaches to trip up the player and make them carefully think through the puzzle with multilayered solutions.


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