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Neo Lake

Project Info


Genre: Defensive Arcade Action Game

Duration: 2 days

Engine: Construct 2

Platform: Web, PC
Team Size: 3





  • All aspects (Logic, shield system, neon generation, neon effects)

Project Description

A small game where the objective is to save the blue lake from red neons by controlling the blue shield to reflect them back.

Colored neons such as green increase the shield gauge, blue ones restore the lake while others have different effects such as clearing all red neons on the screen.


My primary role on this project with 2 colleagues was that of a programmer. Without a doubt, this helped me learn programming logic and flow. I had a fun time creating the game from scratch as I saw how things could break and what I could do to fix them.

I finished the project knowing far more of programming and a greater idea of how to better comunicate with developers on a game.


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